Monday, May 2

So what are we going to do today?

With our school days rapidly coming to a halt, we are finding our afternoons are quite free. I asked the kiddos what they wanted to do this afternoon (the strawberry patch was closed), and the swimming hole was top on their list. Man, I love my adventuresome children!

The big kiddos spied a pretty thick vine across the way, and bravely ventured to it. I let them test their weight (above ground, not water) and it held. Then I made them check the creek bottom which they would swing over--about waist deep and mostly muddy/sandy. They spent the next hour swinging out and back, sometimes dropping into the water and always laughing. I had a creek behind my house when I was their age, so it was fun to watch them do the very things I did when I was little.

Ellie stayed in the shallow water with me, floating flower petals as boats and skipping rocks that never really skipped at all.

All in all, a stellar afternoon!

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