Sunday, April 3

When exactly did she grow up?

I promise I did not blink. I couldn't have possibly missed the moment, but yet I look at her, talk with her, and interact with her each day, and I am quite certain she is growing up! Mags has been such a big help around here lately. There are things that she has always done like clean her room, put away her laundry, and help with the dishes. But she has now ventured into a whole new territory--starting the laundry and helping prepare our meals. As I type this, she is in the kitchen getting dinner ready for me to cook. I am making tofu stir fry, and she has drained/chopped the tofu. Now she is peeling and chopping the carrots. When did she get big enough for this stuff?

She has been holding our friend, Claire, and I think she is a pro. She loves to sit and hold her and talk to her. The other night she said, "Just think, Mom, this could be me in ten years." I looked at her like she was CRAZY and then she realized her math was a little off-maybe fifteen or twenty years!! But seriously, she is already showing signs of being an incredible mommy someday.
I took this picture this afternoon as she was showing off the new "clubhouse" that Daddy created under the Leland cypress. The lighting was unbelievable.
And I like this picture as well--washing the car. I can't believe she will be ten this summer!!

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