Thursday, April 21

Maybe it's just me, but I find great comfort in the fact that Jesus knew Peter would let him down. He knew, in a moment of great importance, Peter would say he did not know him. Jesus told him beforehand, but Peter couldn't imagine ever doing such a thing. Yet the moment came, and Peter did exactly what Jesus knew he would do. Peter failed him.

And Jesus still loved Peter dearly despite this. He gave him a specific task, spoken directly to him. He took Peter, failure and all, and used him in mighty ways.

When we talk about Easter in our house, we always talk about Peter. God can and will redeem failure. He knows we're going to fall short. He knows when and where and every minute detail of it all. He loves us regardless. It doesn't negate us from his master plan. He knows exactly how it will be used for his glory. That, my friends, is hope.

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Kim said...

Great point.