Saturday, February 19

Oakland Cemetery

One of the best things about living in the Atlanta area is being close to so much history! John and I have been wanting to venture to Oakland Cemetery for a while. It is large and old and holds a lot of history! We had fun exploring it this afternoon.

{This is Ellie sitting across from Margaret Mitchell's grave. Love this picture John took of her!}


aunt stacy always has gum said...

Love Oakland Cemetery! (i know, it's sounds weird, right?!) Went on a photo walk there over the summer & was amazed at the history and the fact that it is right in the middle of Atl. We went to lunch at Six Feet Under afterwards... love the irony ;)

amy said...

Haha...Stacy! Six Feet Under was pretty happening this afternoon. John and I thought we might hit it up sometime when we are kidless. We LOVE places like Oakland for sure...our poor kiddos.