Tuesday, February 8

Love: Three-Year-Old Style

Love is snuggling with Ellie and being told, "Mommy, I just LOVE when you play with me." It is watching the same little one ask her daddy to "be her prince" and dance with her in the living room as Guster sings Do You Love Me? Love is pretending to share a favorite color, purple, for no other reason than it makes her smile and giggle uncontrollably. It is asking for "help" putting away the groceries, even though it means that the process is going to take an.incredibly.long.time and most likely need to be redone. Love means kissing ridiculous booboos, reading stories over and over and over again, and coloring many, many unicorns. Love is precious and child-like, loyal and true, fun and catchy. Love is easy at three.

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