Friday, February 11

Love at Nine.

For those who know my Maggie personally, you probably already know what love looks like at nine. For my Mags, love is responsibility. It is taking care of the details without having to even be asked. It is playing legos with your brother for the thousandth time and pushing your sister in the swing when you'd rather be playing tag. Love is letters in a journal, passed back and forth between a friend on Sunday. It is a kindness in the heart that is always, always, always thinking for others. It is confidence in reaching out to the new girl at church, the new girl at dance, the kiddo at the park that has no one to play with. For Mags, love is wrapped up entirely in others--it is very rarely about herself, almost always about others. It is non-discriminate. Sure, she has her favorites, but I have known her to reach out, unprovoked by me, to even those who are mean to her. That's just how she rolls. The beauty of it is, though, that Maggie would not be able to love like this, to live with such confidence as this, if God's love wasn't there. For Maggie, love is the love of Christ.

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