Friday, February 25

Day Tripper.

Sometimes it is a lot of fun to get up before dark, load into the van, and go somewhere that is a complete surprise. Our kiddos had such a great time at Tybee.

We went to the lighthouse.

We danced on the boardwalk.
We played Bocce Ball (I won, of course).
The kiddos braved the cold water.
Ellie had her siblings bury her.
I sat in my chair and listened to the waves come and go. I listened to the giggles and laughter of children at the water's edge. I read my book, thought through some things, and enjoyed my day that took me beyond the ordinary. I thanked God that my kiddos have each other to play with. I thanked God that John knew me well enough to know that this was exactly what I needed.

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Kim said...

This is why homeschool rocks!