Wednesday, February 9

Creatively Inspired

This afternoon, I am sitting in the chair listening to Vivaldi. The bigger kiddos are upstairs in their rooms, and Ellie is playing at my feet. Ellie crosses over to the "stage" portion of the living room, and she begins to practice all her best ballet moves. She gets my attention by announcing she is a sad ballerina. She asks me to notice her face, and her arms and body move gracefully with the music. As the music picks up both pace and volume, she tells me that she has turned into a beautiful fairy and can fly...which she does quite gracefully to the music.

I am amazed. My three-year-old, unprovoked by her dance-crazy sister, has created her very own ballet, performed it, and it is beautiful. It was only about ten minutes long, but it was by far the best ten minutes of my day.

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