Wednesday, January 19

When You are Thirty-Five and 3 days!

Dear John--

When you are thirty-five (and three days), you are still my very best friend. I couldn't begin to imagine this journey without you. There are so many things I could say about you, but they are things I say all the time: You are the best daddy I know. You are the most patient man I know. I can count on one hand the number of times you have EVER raised your voice in my presence. You have become a great leader for our house. So when you are thirty-five, I will share a story about you. A story that is not so old, but a story that embodies the very things that I love about you.

Shortly before Christmas, you received a phone call from a number that was unfamiliar. You were busy, so you just let the call transfer to your voicemail. Later, days later, you sat down with a pen and paper to collect your voicemail. There was a message from that unfamiliar number. A message from an old boss of sorts who called with a very specific purpose--to tell you that you impacted her life. She had changed jobs and moved on, and it had been awhile since you have seen her or talked to her. In her message, she said that her time at your school had been a rough time in her life, a very dark season, but you were light in that darkness. It wasn't the things you said or specific conversations, but WHO YOU WERE. Looking back, she knows you were a very important part of her journey to where she is now. You brought your phone to me and shared the message. I think we both sat in awe for a few minutes. She was not someone you hounded with advice or the gospel of Christ; she was simply your friend over the years. In the ins and outs of a simple friendship, you represented something bigger. It was obvious. That is exactly how it should be.

I am not sure if you have even shared this story with anyone else, but I think it sums up all the things I love about you quite nicely. You are light, my love, and that is all you ever need to be. The rest of those thousand little things I love about you are the icing on the cake. I just hope I can be like you when I am thirty-five and three days. I love you much. Thank you for being mine.


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John said...

You make me sound so good! Love you!