Tuesday, January 25

When life is sometimes scary.

Sometimes life is scary. I found that scary place on Thursday. Maggie came downstairs and pointed something out on her foot. A lump. I believe her comment was something along the lines of, "Hey mom. I have this spot on my foot that is not on the other." I looked at it, and I instantly I filled with fear. I wish my initial response had been different. I wish I had looked at it and thought, "Man, I am so glad God is in control and I can trust him with this." I will freely admit that this is absolutely not the place I let my heart go to. I filled with fear, and if I am to be completely honest, I am still quite fearful. It is a cyst of some sort, but we do not yet know the hows or whys. I am anxious to know what exactly it is, and I would love to know that she is 100% okay. My head knows that God is still good no matter what. I need my heart to catch on to that concept.