Sunday, January 30

Sure, we're friends aren't we?

I remember my senior year of high school very well. As summer approached and came and went, my friends and I spent countless hours together. I think we were very aware that our lives were about to shake up a good bit...especially those of us who weren't going to the same college as everyone else. My friend Erryn and I would crash at each other's house at night, watching hours upon hours of Shag, Steel Magnolias, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink, and Beaches. Movies about friendships. Movies about enduring life together. I still love Erryn , and I would still throw my body in front of a car just to save her. I don't see her as often as I should, but she still means the world to me. She is part of who I am.

When I took this picture of the girls out front today, I thought about the movie Beaches. The girls meet on the boardwalk as little ones and literally see their friendship through the years--the good and the bad. Such a heart breaker (and quite frankly, I cannot watch it anymore. It goes against my moratorium on sad movies), but riveting. These girlies have been friends through the years. Emma visited Ellie in the hospital on the day she was born. I am not kidding. They may not realize it, but they have known each other the entire spectrum of their little lives. Maggie and Ava are two peas in a pod. Their mommy is one of my best friends. We balance each other out so well. I look at this picture (and the thousand more we have just like it), and I imagine that our girls will grow old together, passing notes and notebooks back and forth, watching silly old movies into the night, and making memories...

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