Monday, January 10

Our Day in Numbers:

  • 3: excited kiddos in our house this morning
  • 25: minutes it takes for everyone to put on their winter gear
  • 8: gloves or mittens that are missing their mates in our house
  • 1: kiddos who actually cared if their gloves matched
  • 4: times I ran the dryer filled with wet snow clothes
  • 15: minutes it took Mags and I to beat John and Bent in Carmen Sandiego
  • 35: minutes it took me to read AND understand directions to previously mentioned game
  • 16: cups of snow it took to make "snow cream" for 6 people, twice
  • 3/4: cup of sugar that it takes to make evaporated milk into sweetened condensed milk
  • 2: amount of times the kiddos actually asked to watch a movie today
  • 0: times that they played wii or a video game
  • 1.5: miles we walked on our snow hike
  • 0: times the kiddos complained about being cold while outside
  • 3, 689: times the kiddos complained about being cold once inside


  • 6: inches of snow in our yard today with
  • 1/4: inch of ice on top

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