Friday, December 3

Why waiting is hard, but good.

My baby has wanted to take dance since, oh, she could walk and talk. That's what happens when you have a big sister who dances. She has watched Maggie in the studio, and she has watched her on stage. Ellie has endured make-shift ballet lessons in their bedroom, and by the time she was FINALLY old enough for her own dance class, her excitement could not be contained. She was READY.

She lives for Thursdays. She takes naps for me on Thursdays just so she can go. She lets me fix her hair (a feat in itself), she chooses her leotard, and she is out the door before I can grab the keys. Each week, she meets her friend Emma, and they go into class as a pair. She listens and follows directions. She really, really LOVES it.

This week was Parent Watch Week, and I got to sit in class and enjoy dance with her. She is cute. I just love her so much!

Putting on her shoes.

Ellie and Emma

Love these girlies!

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