Tuesday, December 14

Repurposing Life.

I'm not quite sure that "repurposing" is a an actual word, but I am going to use it as one. When Mags was a baby (12 months size), I made this Santa dress for her. It is red corduroy and wraps/buttons in the back. It occurred to me, after seeing someone out and about in something similar, that Ellie could wear it as a shirt. This morning, I moved a few buttons, and TADA! It is adorable, and seeing that she is enthralled with Santa this year, she LOVES it.

And how appropriate in a year that has brought so much "repurposing" of things. I think that may just be what I pick for the theme of our 2010. God has repurposed so much for me, for us, and given me more grace and freedom and joy than one might imagine exists on the other side of intense struggle. He is still good.

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Kim said...

I marvel at your creativity. God has gifted you.