Friday, December 3

My Prima Ballerina

Maggie dances on Thursdays, too. Her classes start at 5:15 and end at 7:30, so I cannot possibly stay and watch the whole time during Parent Watch Week. I stayed for her first class...tap. It impresses me. I took a tap class just a few years back, and let's just say that Mags can tap WAY better than me (of course!)...I didn't take ANY pictures during tap because I was so mesmerized by what they have learned in just a few short months!

I did stay for the first few minutes of jazz. This year Maggie has a new jazz teacher, and Maggie adores her. She just LOVES Ms. Jenny. I only stayed for stretching/warm ups--which included squats and splits and seriously impressed me. I did manage a few photos for her scrapbook during my last few minutes there.

Her ballet class is her last class, and while it is her hardest class, it just might be her favorite this year. She has a new teacher in there as well, and she is definitely stretching the girls to their fullest capabilities. Maggie, same as always, takes the challenge and rises up. Of course, I was at home making fish tacos by that point, so there are no pictures.

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