Wednesday, December 29


I happen to think the Christmas snow was just for me. I have proof, too--when everyone else's snow had melted away--mine was still there. Tomorrow, the sun will most likely take away the last of it. I am okay with that since God let me have a white yard for FOUR days.

Christmas had every reason to be stressful this year (and it certainly had its moments), but somehow it was rather enjoyable.

Maggie and I saw The Nutcracker with some great friends. It was an awesome performance, and we had the privilege of seeing it from the very front row. My girl was smitten, of course!

We got to hang out with our cousins for a bit, which for my kiddos, was INCREDIBLE. They LOVE their cousins. I also had a few quiet moments with a very dear friend of mine. It was encouraging, to say the least. Old friends really are sometimes the best friends.

We saw Santa. My baby girl was so excited that I ended up sprinting her to the bathroom before she actually told him what she wanted. The kiddos' lists were short and reasonable, and the moment was priceless. I wish I could be three again sometimes!
We had an intimate worship service on Christmas Eve at our friends' house. There were about 35 or so people there, and it really was better than any service I could have carted our family to that night. There was something extremely special about it.

We made Santa pancakes for dinner, and we celebrated our last night of Advent for 2010. Maggie and Bentley took turns reading the Christmas Story (I have two readers now) from Luke, and we lit the Christ candle.
Somewhere in the night, Santa visited. THEY SLEPT IN UNTIL 8:30. I thought we had to wait until their teenage years for that, but no, everyone at our house was gifted with sleep. We opened gifts, played with toys, built legos, ate delicious food, built legos, played games, built legos, and had a grand time.

And it snowed. My first-ever white Christmas. It was simply beautiful. We ended up with 3-4 inches of awesome snow that made everything beautiful. It was like God gently reminded me that in his own time and in his own way he does indeed make all things beautiful. I, like Lucy (in the Chronicles of Narnia) cannot imagine winter without Christmas. This year, the year I have needed Him the very most, He gave me a gift that I would have never even dreamed to ask for. He made everything beautiful, maybe for you and yours but most certainly, for me and mine.
I shall not forget the year He reached out and renewed my heart and spirit with nothing more than a blanket of white snow. As we watched the snow fall and collect on the ground, I was able to tell my kiddos that He is indeed good. And I really do believe that.

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