Sunday, November 21

When You are Seven

Dear Bent,

When you are seven, you are getting so big. You are definitely no longer a little kiddo; you are certainly now a big kiddo. You are so tall! I imagine that in the next few years (if that), you will shoot past Maggie and be the tallest. You eagerly await that moment. Just this morning you ran to the back porch measuring post to see if you had grown any...and you had. It made your day even better.

When you are seven, you can read chapter books! I remember teaching school and having such a hard time transitioning kiddos from picture books to chapter books. For you, it was essentially overnight. One day you were reading Dr. Suess, and the next day, you were reading Roald Dahl. I often wonder where the time went. When you are seven, you are in first grade. You LOVE school and are easily motivated to do well. You work hard and learn quickly. You are a walking encyclopedia of sorts. I love this about you.
When you are seven, you are still a thrill-seeker...within reason. I love this about you, too. You are trusting, and if we tell you it is safe, you willingly undertake any challenge. You LOVE outside, begging your siblings to ride bikes or roller blade or just play outside. You make up games and build forts and entire kingdoms with nothing more than fallen leaves and trees. You are pure boy; you need a shower any time you come back inside. You often have dirt caked under your fingernails and grass stains on your knees.
When you are seven, you make us laugh. You are completely silly. You run like Pheobe and dance like a monkey. And we laugh until our sides hurt. But you are also our tenderheart. You are quick to help out with anything, and a baby nearby will certainly have your attention. You take care of small details for others and are quick to know how others are feeling. You watch out for your siblings and me; Daddy has taught you well.

When you are seven, you are stubborn and impulsive and sometimes require a lot of patience and grace. I often tell people how much I have learned from you. You have taught me to look beyond the behavior and focus on the issues of the heart. You have taught me to laugh at the little things, to pick my battles wisely, and just to let go. When you are seven, you have taught me a little bit more about freedom and grace. When you are seven, I am incredibly thankful for you, my Thanksgiving baby.

Happy Birthday to my little man. I just love who you are becoming.


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