Thursday, November 25

Thankful, of course.

Thankful for my family. I often say I won the husband lottery AND the kiddo lottery, hands down. Except I don't really believe in luck...which means that I believe that they were hand-picked for me and woven into the tapestry of my life with purpose. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

Thankful for my friends. I have always been a friendly-sort, but it is just in the last few years that I have really come to know once again those deep friendships that are more than funny moments and good times. It is the friends who are willing to walk with you in some of your hardest moments, the friends, the friends offer up their time and their help in the most amazing ways that have really changed what I believe about friendships and relationships in general. I am so very thankful for the chance at real and true fellowship.

Thankful for the little things: for fall leaves and cool winds. for sleeping in in the morning and dinners out with BFFs. For laughing until my side hurts. For game nights and long hikes and floating leaves in the creek. Thankful for long talks and stars to look up at and dreams to dream.

Thankful that life is beginning to be a bit less blurry, and that time really does change things. Thankful for forgiveness and understanding and healing. Thankful for the hard moments and even for loss and brokeness. Grateful for the heart change and healing that these things bring.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Enjoy your families. Laugh a lot and love hard. Don't blink.

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