Saturday, November 6

She amazes me.

I know I say it all the time, but my oldest child amazes me. She had dance this morning--three hours of it. While she was working hard, I took her siblings and their besties (they happen to belong to the same family and happen to be staying with us this weekend) to a fall festival at the church next door. When I picked her up, I went ahead and told her she missed out (I am a "might-as-well-get-it-out-in-the-open" type of mommy). She was completely okay with it. Sure she would have rather gone with us, but she understood and was not disappointed in the least bit.

While at dance, I had the chance to watch her tap. AMAZING. She always looks like she's having so much fun, and she has developed friendships with some of the older girls in Company. So neat to watch, and her teachers LOVE her. She might just be the littlest one out there, but she certainly doesn't let that bother her.

This afternoon, she took and delivered tomatoes (we have an overload) to several of our neighbors. Then she walked one cul-de-sac over to her friend Layla's (a dance friend) with a bag of tomatoes. Once there, she called and asked if she could stay for a bit and play. I let her but told her to call at 6:30 and let me know she was on her way home so I could watch for her. At 6:30 on the dot, she called and came home.

When she came home, she told me that Layla's mom told her she was the best dancer in their company group. I asked Maggie how she responded to that, and she said, "I told her that I thought Layla was a pretty great dancer herself." Such tact and such grace. I love that about her.

This evening, Ellie scaled the closet in the girls' room and dumped out Maggie's jewelery box....everywhere. Instead of being irate, Maggie was uber-forgiving and helped clean the mess up.

Once her siblings and their besties were in bed for the night, Maggie sat quietly at the dining room table and worked on some felt crafts by herself. She read all the directions and did an awesome job.

Listing it all makes it seem like a bunch of little things, and really, it is. But so often I have to depend on her responsibility and her good nature that I do take it for granted, and I just don't give her enough credit for her heart. She is such an amazing child.

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The Falkins said...

I think she's amazing too! I guess there's no chance of you letting me adopt her. :)