Sunday, November 14

Roswell Mill and Vickery Creek

This has been high on our "to do" list, and I must admit I am so glad we waited until now to venture to the old Roswell Mill. It is GORGEOUS right now. The leaves are beautiful. We had a blast hiking the trails, seeing the ruins, and just enjoying nature. What a pretty park tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of downtown Roswell!

My children, of course, brought home treasures...mostly in the form of leaves and dirt caked under their fingernails. I brought home perfect memories...of a perfect day with my family and friends.
Bent holding his treasures.
Dayna and Ellie
Mags and her treasures.
Mags found a heart-shaped rock.
Maggie and Bent skipping rocks and floating leaf boats.
The spillway over the dam

Bent with a collection of leaves.
Mags and Ellie

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