Friday, November 12

My Dear Ellie Boo~

Love is now very real for you. It is so real that when the thing you love is absent, there is an empty spot in your heart. You can get busy and forget about it for a bit, but then all of a sudden, you remember that you are missing something. You cry and you cry. You climb in my arms and beg me to help you, but I can't. There is no where else I can think to look, and the thing you love most is still missing. At night, you try and hold other things, but nothing is quite right. Nothing smells the same and nothing feels the same. You don't sleep very well at all.

Then after four LONG days and three LONGER nights, Daddy comes home and devotes every minute to a search and rescue. He looks and looks and looks. And he finds the very thing you love. He remains our hero.

Love is then evident by the utter joy in your squeal--by the uncontrollable giggle and pure excitement visible across your face.

I have been so heartbroken for you all week, and today, Daddy and I both rejoiced with you...yet you are only three and you only lost your lovie. You still have a full life ahead of you, and I know this is not the last time your heart will be sad and something you love will be missing. I hope and pray God's grace will be just as clear to us as we parent you in the years to come. I hope and pray that this week is nothing but evidence that your little heart will be one that loves and loves deeply. As you discovered this evening, there is a joy that is only found on the other side of that type of love.

I know you will sleep well, baby girl. I love you so much! Welcome back, Purple. You were missed.

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