Monday, November 29

In Their Christmas Best...

If I had to make a top ten toys to invest in, I would certainly include the American Girl dolls. Maggie has been reading the books and playing with these dolls FOR YEARS. Because they are expensive, she has had to save her own money, and in turn, she takes VERY GOOD care of them. These dolls have been well-played with and well-loved. This is the first year her wish list has not included a circling things in the catalog (actually, she hasn't even given us a wish list this year...she has no idea what she wants).

Today, Maggie and I played with her dolls. We changed their clothes and fixed hair. Maggie dressed them all in their Christmas clothes for the season, and then of course, she posed them for pictures. She cracks me up.

I am so glad, even though she's such an old soul, that she's still kiddish enough to enjoy them!

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