Monday, November 8

My Climber

Now that my friend Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom (AND right around the corner from us), we have been getting Ellie and Emma together for a lot of play dates. It has been so good for Ellie. We met today for a picnic and playtime at the park, and Jennifer was running a bit late. While we waited to eat our lunch, my kiddos played on the equipment. Within a few minutes, Maggie had recruited some more children, and they were all playing with Ellie and another little boy. It was so cute.

After lunch, we ventured over to the big kid play area, and Ellie and Emma climbed on the rope structure for at least thirty minutes. It was Ellie's first time to climb on this, and she really, really enjoyed it!

Oh, and the park was almost completely empty. The sky was gorgeous, the temperature was just right, and we had the place to ourselves after lunch. Super great day!

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