Monday, October 4

A Picture with Words.

My camera is not nearby, but the moment is priceless. We are mid-process of pulling out some fall clothes and putting away some summer items. There are plastic tubs in the middle of the floor; clothes spilling out. Ellie, in a moment of unbelievable joy, discovered a Bitty Baby nightgown from when Maggie was her age. She has had it on ever since. She went upstairs and dressed her baby in the matching gown, and has been playing with her ever since. A few minutes ago, I walked into this scene:

Afternoon sun spilling into the living room. Ellie, sitting in her chair holding a book and "reading" it aloud. Her baby, dressed as her twin, tucked down beside her. She flipped the last page, stood up and kissed her baby, told her night-night and put her to bed in the chair.

I absolutely LOVE this age.

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Kimmer said...

awwww! Miss you all!