Sunday, October 31

Finding Freedom and Joy in the Journey.

Alternate Title: Complete Honesty.

There are two things that were given to me and I thought were mine, but I recently looked up and realized they were missing...either completely missing or partially missing. Joy and Freedom. Today, as I watched Ellie spin around and around completely in love with her Halloween costume, my heart was reminded just how important those things are.

I have heard Steve Brown once say, "you are only as free as the box you put yourself in." I even wrote in the cover of my Bible. I knew I wanted that elusive freedom he spoke of, and I claimed it as mine. But there are a lot of available boxes to put ourselves in, no? Especially now in a season as this. We box ourselves in politically. We are right, of course, and anyone outside our box, well, he/she is wrong. Celebrate Halloween or no? Believe in Santa or no? Cloth Diapering or no? Homeschool or private school or public school? So many boxes we just slide right into without even thinking about it. We don't intentionally do it, and we certainly don't mean to think better of ourselves because of our boxes...but we do. And it isn't good. It isn't right. It doesn't glorify God. He doesn't love us for the choices we make, and no matter how "good" we choose to make ourselves, we are still sinners...just like every one else. Redeemed? yes. Glorified? Not yet.

My baby wanted to be a witch this year. We have never done scary costumes, and to be truthful, I did not want her to be a witch. Because why? I am not really sure. At some point in the past few weeks, it occurred to me that it really did not matter. And guess what, my friends? It really didn't matter. She was a cute little witch who hung out with an adorable little cat and a neighborly Cinderella for the evening. She had a grand time, as well as the other two kiddos. Maybe, just maybe, it was the best Halloween ever. The weather was perfect. We played with great friends. The adults had good conversations. And it was a Sunday evening, a school night, and my baby caboose was a witch.

There is some serious freedom lurking in that. Freedom and joy that would not have been mine if God had allowed me to stay in that box too long. Thank goodness he is about the business of moving me forward.