Tuesday, October 19

Civil War Timeline/Mural Photos

I was recently asked what my favorite thing about homeschooling was...and I mentioned those moments when you realize that your "students" actually get and understand something. Maggie's and Bentley's mural was full of both big and little pictures, and everything was labelled. Imagine how surprised I was to find this little pictorial treasure near the bottom:
It is Lee choosing to take off the blue and put on the gray. If you are a history buff (or teacher), it is likely that you know Lee had to make a choice and he chose to fight for the Confederacy. Seems like a small detail, but in the grand scheme of things, it was a big choice with big effects. What you choose today directly affects tomorrow. What a lesson for my little ones, hidden in the history books!

And then, there was this:
It seems that Mag's art lessons are paying off. Not a bad drawing of Ulysses S. Grant. Thank you, Mrs. Sarah!

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Stephanie said...

Love the drawings!! I think re-learning history is one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to doing with my kids!