Tuesday, October 12

Children who think.

This afternoon, Mags and Bent have spent a good deal of time creating and coloring a timeline/mural of the Civil War. It has been interesting to watch them use their resources and put the information onto the butcher paper. We have read a lot, studied a lot, and discussed a lot about the war in general, but it really is neat to see the kiddos be able to process and use all of that information.

As they were adding Abraham Lincoln, this is the conversation I overheard:

Mags: It would have been neat to live in this time.

Bent: Yeah. Abe Lincoln was, like, the best president ever. And the tallest. He was as tall as our door.

Mags: Well, I guess I really wouldn't want to live then. It was a war, and it happened where we live. It was scary. Children had to be a part of it. I wouldn't have liked that. And people were hungry. Yeah, I'd rather live now.

I LOVE having children who can reason and think.

And just so you can see that it is not always *ideal*, I also overhead Bent explain to Maggie that Obama's name is actually Barak O. Bama, and that the O is his middle initial. Thankfully, Mags didn't buy into it.


lisa said...

Hey Amy,
isn't there a Civil War diarama at the museum by the zoo in atlanta?

Dayna said...

Haha I love it! You should post a picture of their timeline -Dayna