Monday, September 27

Stellar Parenting Skills

  • Bent has been struggling with alphabetizing lists of words. He is most excellent if the first letters are all different, but if you have to look beyond that it has been epic fail. I could have moved on with his grammar lessons, but having done the lessons before with Maggie, I knew that we would be touching on it THE ENTIRE YEAR ahead. So I stopped the lessons, and Bent and I have been doing an alphabetizing boot camp of sorts. His interest has been at about 0%, and I have a lot of new gray hair...until last week...when he asked for a new wii game. He has been keeping his eye on a game for a few months, and he asked again last week if he could get it. A light bulb went off in my head, and I bribed him. Yes, I did. 7 days of correct alphabetizing AND no bad attitudes, and I will buy the game. Guess what? We are on day 6, and he knows what he is doing. We can resume our normal grammar lessons, and I need to go by Gamestop.
  • Ellie asked me today, "Mommy, what do you think about God and the potty?" Hmm...not much at all really, so I turned the question back on her. "What do you think about God and the potty, Ellie?" Without even thinking about it, she answered, "I think he doesn't wipe." I just let that one go.

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the aunt who always has gum said...

oh my. I laughed out loud at that last one. :)