Saturday, September 25

Oh what a day!

John was gone all day at a XC meet, and we toured several stores looking for the perfect T-shirt to give our friend Caleb for his 10th birthday. We found it at the fourth store. This is what you get when your nine-year-old girl has a best friend at church who is a boy. You buy a T-shirt for a gift. A t-shirt that has legos all over the front and "Square is cool." I'm not sure everyone will get just how funny that is, but Maggie did and she knew it was the PERFECT gift for her friend.

She also drew him a card and wrote a poem about him being a year older than her again. It was pretty funny stuff. I may copy it and give it to John when his birthday rolls around in January, just because it was that good. Ha.

We then went to bowl and celebrate with Caleb and a bunch of friends. My kiddos had a blast. I think I lost some hearing and my vision is still a little impaired from all the flashing lights, but we all made it out alive. Both of my big kiddos bowled a strike at least once, so they were more than pleased with their bowling experience.
The girlies at the party
Mags, Caleb, and Bent
Bent and Cole

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