Monday, August 9

Homeschooling Answers, Part 1

I get this question a lot:

How exactly do you homeschool? Classical? Charlotte Mason?

My answer is that I am not quite sure how I do it. I am a gleaner. I glean a little bit of educational philosophy from Charlotte Mason, but I'm not a die hard fan. I like classical education, but once again, not a die hard fan. I taught in the public school classroom at several levels, some of what I do comes from that. I LOVE Sonlight curriculum, but even that I changed up a bit. So I glean. I take what I like and use it. I don't feel so bad when I leave some behind.

This year, I am gleaning my friend Tracy's index card scheduling. I have an index card for each kiddo in each subject. The subjects they do together are written on the same card. I will shuffle and order them until I have a reasonable schedule for my week, day by day. It may mean that we do not do everything every day. It may mean we end our day at 1 on some days and at 2 on others. I'm not really sure yet. But I like the thought of having it all figured out and put onto a poster board schedule for us to follow.

So that's my answer; I'm not really sure how I do it. I do it my own way. We get a lot done, and we spend a rather large amount of time enjoying the outdoors as well. It's a good mix of everything.

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