Sunday, August 15

Grandma's Hands.

I know that those of you who've been reading here a long time have seen this picture before, but it is one of my all-time-favorites in my house. This is Maggie on August 15, 2001. It was my grandmother's birthday. She was in the hospital and she had not yet met Maggie, who has her name. I had to sneak Maggie in to see her, and we took these pictures.

These are my grandmother's hands holding my Maggie. These hands mean so much to me, and there really aren't enough words to express exactly how much.

Fast forward to today, and my grandmother has been gone almost five years. On the way home from church this morning, Bentley realized it would have been Great Granny's Birthday. He immediately bowed his head and said, "Dear Jesus, will you please tell Great Granny happy birthday for us?"

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