Monday, August 16

A Few Quick Notes:

  • Ellie likes to pretend our blue rug is a swimming pool. This morning she put on a bathing suit and practiced "diving" in the pool. It was far less dangerous than one might imagine when first hearing, "Hey Mommy! Look at me dive!"
  • We are working diligently on using words when we need to instead of squealing and crying. If I had a nickel for every time I have heard Ellie say, "I'm not happy," I would be rich.
  • It is still very hot here, and although the forecast has called for rain daily since Friday, the rain has skipped our house entirely.
  • John is into week two of school, and the cross country season is upon us. I am actually looking forward to some early morning Saturday races. It will be here soon.
  • I am starting school at the Huff Academy in two weeks. I am ready in the sense that I have a plan. I am not ready in the sense that I need a plan for my plan. I must get busy working on it!

1 comment:

Dayna said...

A plan for your plan? Girl, you are the planniest planner I know! I think we should work together on a big color-coded excel sheet schedule for you - I would actually enjoy it!