Saturday, August 7

End of a season.

I like to view life in seasons--maybe that's the direct result of being a coach's wife. Everything has a season, and if it's something you love, the season just flies by. If it's something not so grand, it's only a'll be over soon enough.

Thomas and the train table are done at the house of Huff. It is the end of what seems a very short-lived season to me but really was a handful of years. Bent received his first wooden train set when he turned two. For several years, Thomas the Tank Engine was the main man in our house. Bentley loved his trains, and they literally helped me out those first few years of homeschooling. I taught Mags and Bent played trains. It was a grand arrangement.

I'm setting up our school room for the fall, and I realized that I now need things to occupy Ellie during those morning hours. She does play trains occasionally, but not with the same passion that Bentley did and certainly not for the same span of time. I need the space for Ellie-esque toys, and so the train table is now cleaned and ready for the attic. It really is quite sad for me.

We decided to keep the table and trains because they are the wooden ones, and they really are built to last for years and years. I told John that maybe one day we could pull them back out for our grandchildren. John laughed. I cried. Yes, the end of a season indeed.

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the aunt who always has gum said...

I'm sure it was a sad day but do keep those toys! I cannot express just how much fun my nieces & nephews have with toys that were mine! It's such a joy to see :)