Thursday, August 19


When you are three, your mommy signs you up for dance. She is nervous for you because you have never actually been in a class outside of church nursery, and you are only three. You have wanted to take dance since you were old enough to voice your opinion, and the time has finally come. Three o'clock could not come fast enough for you today. You were so excited to get ready and so excited to pick Emma up from school. You were THRILLED when you realized Emma was also wearing blue. You had a smile on your face that seriously never faded. You did well, followed directions, listened to your teacher, and remained HAPPY the entire time. When you are three, you make me very, very proud.

And when you are nine, it is extremely fun to sit and watch your baby sisters begin dance lessons. You are captivated by their cuteness and you sit for 45 minutes in a shared chair, watching through the open door. You laugh, you smile, and you reflect on when you were starting dance. It's been six years, and you can't wait for your own dance lessons in a couple of hours.

And when you are thirty-four, these things make your heart very, very happy.

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cindy said...

And when you are 56 they bring tears to your eyes