Monday, August 30

Confessions from this homeschooling mom:

Day one was not so bad. I am tired, though. This is what we accomplished in a little over four hours:

  • The pledge
  • Bible Reading
  • Handwriting for both
  • Scripture Memory review
  • Mag's Math--Comparison Math Sentences (greater than, less than, equal to)
  • Bent's Math--Intro to doubles addition facts
  • Both kiddos--Intro to Botany
  • Mag's reading--first chapter of Sarah, Plain and Tall
  • Bent's Reading--Surprises(an I Can Read It poetry collection)
  • Bent's Spelling Workout
  • Mag's first day ever of Spelling Power
  • Shurley English for both
  • Bent's phonics lesson
  • Mag's Analogies lesson
  • History--beginning review of the Civil War (where we left off last year with Mags)
  • Journal Writing
  • LUNCH! and each child had 30 minutes free time built into their morning!
I am AMAZED that it all worked, and we finished in a timely manner. The posterboard schedule helped a ton, and now that both my big kiddos read, they were able to keep going when they finished something. They just looked to see what was next, and I have it designed where, ideally, only one kiddo needs me at a time. It worked well. The schedule should work for most days (not Wednesdays, we have art! so it will adjust some) and the routine is quite nice.

Fourth AND First Grade aren't so scary after all.

And we still had time to swim this afternoon.

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