Wednesday, August 25

Cheesy Music and Small Miracles

Back when I was in college, life was slightly less tech-y. We did not have cell phones; we had car phones that zipped in a bag with a huge antenna attached to the roof of your car. Email and Yahoo and Netscape Navigator were the rage, and although CDs were booming, nothing said I am thinking of you quite like a mixed tape. Just in the last few years, John and I have thrown out the cassettes. There is only one radio in our house that even plays them anymore, and for $1.29, you can have just about any song you want. Except, I was missing a mixed tape. A very important mixed tape that probably hasn't been listened to in about 10 years.

My dad disappeared and left our family during my sophomore year in college. I remember the details of that particular weekend like it happened yesterday. I really don't care what anyone says about grace and forgiveness and healing, nothing takes those moments away. I am very fortunate, in that those relationships have been restored over the years, but I would be lying if I said those weren't some of my darkest days ever. I was also very fortunate to be surrounded, and I mean SURROUNDED, by people who genuinely loved me with the love of Christ. It was during that time that a friend made me a mixed tape. It was full of fun songs and some cheesy Christian songs--and I loved that tape. I would go about my business all day long, but at night when I came back and the dorm room was quiet and I was alone, I would play that tape. One particular song, a cheesy one, no doubt--etched in my heart, and I loved it.

I graduated, got engaged, moved home, married, and moved to Atlanta in five months time. I knew that I kept that tape, but here eleven years later, I haven't been able to put my hands on it. And what has been even worse, in this google-techy world, is no matter how hard I tried, I could not remember the name of that particular song. I could remember a few lines--not the chorus, though--and I have googled to no avail. Losing that tape and that song was very, very sad to me.

Yesterday, I started the mass garage clean out again. It has been a gradual process this year, and the things that are left are really just organizing what we are keeping and a few random boxes of my old teaching things. Imagine my surprise and JOY when I saw the hand-drawn cover of my tape sitting among Teaching K-8 magazines! Oh my! Thanks to Itunes, I have my song. I have my memories. It seems so little and so minute in the grand scheme of things, but it always amazes me when God provides the little, silly things.

He is good, even when it doesn't seem so obvious.

And for those of you interested, now that I know the title, I found the song on You Tube. Enjoy.