Saturday, July 24

Thinking about Sharing Spaces...

All three of my kiddos are piled into one bed, one twin bed, although there are two sets of bunks between the rooms. I just checked on them before I came downstairs, and they are so adorable. And then I read a blog post about children sharing a room for the first time while on vacation. We certainly are big on personal space in our culture today.

I didn't share a room growing up because I was the only girl. My brothers shared a room and fought constantly. I always dreamed of having a sister to talk to in the wee hours of the night...never happened. But I babysat a family that had multiple siblings sharing rooms, and what a delight bedtime was at their house! They were well-trained kiddos, and I loved putting them to bed. We would brush teeth, put on their jammies, and say prayers together. Then the two oldest girls climbed into their double bed, and the oldest boy shared a room with his baby sister. I would listen to them giggle and talk for about fifteen minutes before they fell asleep. It was always so sweet. As their family grew (eventually seven siblings!), the rooming situations changed several times over, but the bonding those kiddos had is still evident in their relationships with each other.

I guess that's why bedtime isn't so strict around here. The kiddos have to go to bed at a certain time and stay in bed. They are really good about that. But we do let them pile in together, and sometimes they do stay up a bit later chatting and laughing. Once asleep, they stay asleep and stay put. We know if a kiddo wanders into our room in the wee hours, something is wrong. And with Maggie getting older, we know it isn't much longer that she'll want her siblings piled in bed with her. We want to treasure this time while it is here. I'm afraid I'll blink and it will gone.

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