Tuesday, July 20

History Lessons.

This year while we were at the beach, we decided to take the kiddos to Fort Moultrie. If my memory is correct, my dad took us to Fort Moultrie the summer I turned nine...so it was really neat for me to take Mags the summer she turns nine. The Charleston area is full of history, and we try really hard to expose the kiddos to as much as we can each year.

A few years ago at the bookstore in Edisto, a local author visited and signed copies of her books. We have Palmetto: Symbol of Courage from that visit. It is a great book that details the history of Fort Moultrie, so I made sure to pack it and take it with us. Last Monday when we got there, the first thing I did was sit with the kiddos under a tree and read the story to them.

After the story, we toured the fort ourselves, and it was amazing how much more I understood this time around. The kiddos were intrigued, and I think Bentley could have stayed all day. He was definitely in his element. It made my day to see him so excited over everything.

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