Sunday, July 25

And the books have been gathered!

Well, almost gathered. I still need to make a trip to Augusta and trade out a math book with my sister-in-law. But other than that, here's what next year looks like for the Huff kiddos:

Math: Saxon again for both, but shaking it up a bit for Mags. Not sure how just yet, but determined for it to be a little more fun for her. Bent will be doing Saxon 2 this year! I am so tempted to try something new, but Mag's math skills (mental, on paper, and problem solving!) are incredible. It is hard for me to trade now. Mags took the ITBS this year and said the math was what she did in first and second grade. I can't wait to see if her scores reflect that.

Spelling: Spelling Workout for both...Level B and Level E.

History: Beginning Story of the World with Bent and continuing on with The Story of the USA with Mags. Both will be supplemented heavy with historical fiction and read alouds. Mags has already memorized the state capitals and locations of the 50 states, so I am thinking we may add a little "Georgia" study onto what we are doing as well.

English/Grammar: Shurley English with both. I'm so excited to do this with Bent this year.

Reading/Vocabulary: We are using the Sonlight reading lists (for read alouds too) for both kiddos. Bentley is going to continue with the Explode the Code series and Mags is doing Wordly Wise.

Science: Botany for Mags and Bent is tagging along. Bentley is also going to do the Sonlight science for first grade, but not following their plan. We'll add it at our own pace as needed.

Bible: Maggie will be conquering some more of the new testament as well as reading missionary stories. Bent will be reading through a story Bible. Both will memorize scripture weekly. Maggie's will be in passage form.

Handwriting: Getty-Dubay for both; Bent will be Level B and Mags is Level G (cursive Italics).

I am still undecided on a few other areas, but we are almost ready to go...which is awesome since we aren't actually starting full-swing until September!! We are going to celebrate summer a wee bit longer than most this year. :)


Kim said...

Sound like a great plan! Enjoy your extended summer. I hope to be brave enough for a September start in a couple years. It just feels weird starting the first week of August...per our county.

amy said...

This is the first year I am not keeping with our county schedule. I just can't start school next week...summer is still here!