Saturday, June 5

Warning: A lot of dance photos

Ava and Maggie met when they were four--at dance class. They weren't in the same class but had class back-to-back. The next year, they were together, and they have been together ever since. The picture below makes me want to cry; they are getting to be such big girls. No longer the baby ballerinas in cute tutus waving from the stage, but now the big girls who move across the stage confidently and ever so sure of themselves. It is really quite bittersweet for me. I love the beautiful girls they have become, but I miss the itty bitty shoes and leotards. Other than make up, they really didn't need us at all. They went backstage, kept up with ALL their stuff, took care of each other, performed like all-stars, and came out when it was over with the big girls. It is hard for me to admit, but they are now a part of the big girls, and they are beautiful--inside and out!

Ready to head backstage:

In the opening number:




After the performance:

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