Thursday, June 10

Today, by bullets:

  • We finished the swim meet last night around 10. It was exhausting, and I still need to catch up on sleep.
  • The girls picked up ribbons at their fun practice today...can we say super-excited? A lot of ribbons, a lot of colors.
  • I taught the older kiddos to play Sequence today. The game took forever, but now they can play on their own. I LOVE games that they can play on their own.
  • We went to the pool this afternoon. We were in the water 15 minutes when it began to thunder--which means out of the water for the next 30 minutes...bummer. We finally got a good swim in afterward, though, so the wait was worth it.
  • The girls began an embroidery project today. Maggie is about half done, and I bet Ava finishes hers at home tonight. I can't wait for them to finish, so we can start sewing!

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