Friday, June 11

Things that drive me bananas:

I have sat through swim practice two days in a row now. I have a sweet deal worked out with a neighbor currently--I take the kiddos and stay 20 or so minutes. She comes 15-20 minutes early for pick up, so the kiddos are only there without us for 15-20 minutes. I'm not sure why we think this is safer because Murphy's Law totally states that if they are going to need us, it will be in the time that we are not there. Yesterday was free swim, so I stayed the whole time, and I had an incredible conversation with another mom. It was so worth my hour (and yes, I rate EVERYTHING as to whether or not it is worth the time invested).

So today, my neighbor couldn't do the pick up, and I stayed the entire hour. I had to bite my tongue on numerous occasions. People drive me bananas. Overheard during the hour:

  • One mom explaining that her children are active. They swim and she takes them to Monkey Joe's once a week. So what if they play video games the rest of the day? Playing in the backyard is boring. And whose kids play in the backyard anymore? Ummm...mine.
  • One child constantly being disrespectful to the coach. The parent ignoring it from the sidelines. The coach doing her best to contain the situation when the parent obviously doesn't care. Occasionally the mom would glance over and pretend not to see what was going on...
  • Young teenagers, not even driving yet, discussing their boyfriends in the type of detail we reserved for notes and diaries. Their moms were listening a table away. I am so not ready for Maggie to be a teenager.
  • One mom talking about her remarriage to her ex-husband and how it isn't great but at least she doesn't have to pay all her bills by herself and isn't that really what marriage is about?
It really made me think about my conversation with the other mom yesterday. People probably thought I was the crazy one--talking about freedom and grace and raising responsible children. They probably went home and blogged about me.

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