Tuesday, June 22

The Lost Art of Letter Writing.

Today, I sat down and wrote some letters...two to be exact. It has been a long time since I have written and mailed anything other than a birthday card or thank you note, but I knew I just had to write these letters!

I babysat for a family during my teenage years; a family that loved me just as much as I loved them. Some of my best parenting moments are a result of a little life-on-life unintentional discipleship that went on between me and the mother. I still love her dearly to this day, and I value her opinion immensely.

Her two oldest girls are living at Myrtle Beach currently on a summer project with Campus Outreach...another thing that holds a very dear spot in my heart. How much fun it was to sit and write them today, knowing that in a few days they'll trudge home from work with a million things to do that night on project, but most likely they'll stop by the expanding file to see if they have any mail from home. And one will open her card and most likely immediately check to see if her sister got a letter as well. They will chat about it that evening, smiling and laughing together, and they will be encouraged.

And I am encouraged to sit down and do it all over again next week. :)

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