Friday, June 11

Life beyond these walls.

Warning: If you are male, you may want to skip this post.

It is no secret that John and I really, really, really have a strong desire for our children to know and realize that there is a big, wide world beyond our house. While we want to protect their childhood innocence, we don't want to over-protect them. We spend a lot of time talking about life beyond the walls of our house, beyond the city we live in, beyond our country. We are just a small part of a very big world. If you have spent some a fair amount of time in another place, seen extreme poverty first hand, it impacts everything.

All this to say I have spent a fair amount of time in the past two weeks sewing. Not cute dresses for my girls, although I've been tempted. Not a gown for baby Lia, although I will this week. I have been sewing sanitary pads. A lot of reusable sanitary pads for this--the Red Tent Project. I made some at home on my own, and then the ladies at church got together and made more--an unbelievable time of hanging out, sewing, and making a itty bitty difference in our world. This is a picture of the envelopes we made that night...all I can really say is WOW!

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angie said...

ditto! i completely agree with not sheltering our kids. and also that we need to lead by example with them.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your help. your love and support (and EFFORT) is why this project is a success!!