Sunday, June 6

Lake + Boat = FUN

I am BEYOND exhausted, but I want to document our day before I forget about it. We had a blast with our friends at Lake Lanier. "Mr. Craig" (and yes, that is how I refer to him because Maggie has been calling him Mr. Craig since she could talk) and John have been friends for a long time now. They are very similar in what they like to do, and they are both handy to have around. Often, if one is working on a project of some sort, the other lends a hand. Mr. Craig is like family to us. Then, last summer, Mr. Craig married Julie. We also LOVE Julie. Craig and Julie had been dating for quite some time, and we were more than excited to see them married. We tried to make it to the lake last year to hang with them, but never made it. I was determined to make it happen this summer. It did, and I'm willing to bet that Maggie ranks today as one of the best days of her life. We all had a blast, but I think it exceeded Maggie's expectations by a million. She was so in her element. John and I, being the oldest pair there, will definitely be feeling this for a few days!

Maggie, jumping where Julie jumped as a child--from the top of the boat house!
Bentley, following her lead:
Maggie, FLIPPING from the top.
Mr. Craig and John, battling it out!
Craig, Mags, John
Ellie, happy ON the boat.
Mags and me
Julie, Mags, and me
Mags, John, and Bent

Maggie loves the lake and would have stayed FOREVER, I think. She has to be completely depleted of any and all energy sources because she spent her entire day on a tube or in the water. Bent enjoyed the tubing but had more fun just swimming around in the lake. Ellie only wanted in the boat...we actually went all the way back to the house to let her potty at one point!

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Julie Denison said...

We had a fantastic time at the lake to!! In fact, I think Craig and I may have had more fun than the kids did. We are so glad ya'll had such a great time. Hope we can do it again real soon.

(Just wait till we break out the skis and wake board!)

--The Denisons