Tuesday, June 22

In defense of VBS...

I'm not a big fan of VBS, really and truly. One week a summer, your church throws a whole lot of effort into 5 mini-Bible lessons which are generally stories the kiddos know by heart. And the kiddos that mostly come to VBS? The ones who already go to your church anyway. That is the adult perspective in me.

The kiddo perspective in me sees VBS entirely differently. Snacks. Silly songs and hand-motions. Crafts! Fun games! Snacks! And so I volunteer every year because I know my kiddos just.can't.wait. Outdoors? Who cares! 100 degrees? So what! We go and have a good time anyway, and my mantra has always been to "just make the best of it."

This year, God looked at me and laughed. He said, "I am going to give you the most incredible group of ladies to work with...I am going to bring in more kiddos from the neighborhood...and I am going to give Maggie a new friend to love. You are going to be amazed."

I was...and still am. We had about 50 kiddos show up daily to an outdoor backyard VBS in our very neighborhood. The last time I counted, 32 of those children were not from our church. It was hot, too hot, but it was bearable. The ladies I worked with made me laugh...a lot. And Maggie, my sweet always-looking-for-new-friends-type-of-kiddo, met Chloe. And Chloe lives in our neighborhood...swims at our pool...has a ton o' siblings...and a really sweet mom.

And I guess VBS isn't so bad after all.

Bentley went, too, and had a stellar time as well--his pictures are worthy of their own blog post...more goofy, not quite so endearing!

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