Thursday, June 3

First Full Week of Summer:

  • Monday: Ellie's third birthday and cookout with a lot of our closest friends and buddies...much fun!
  • Tuesday: Swim practice, dance, and our friend Melanie arrives! Melanie is home raising support to return to Thailand, hopefully in the fall.
  • Wednesday: Maggie's first swim meet while John hosts friends for dinner. It storms and the meet is delayed and then postponed after swimming the first 33 events...there were 86 events total. This whole swim world is brand new to me, and it deserves a post of its own.
  • Thursday: Swim practice, home for lunch, neighborhood pool ALL afternoon. NOTHING TONIGHT!!!
  • Tomorrow: Swim practice, dress rehearsal for dance, game night at our house.
  • Saturday: Dance recital in the am and in the early afternoon.
  • Sunday: To the lake with some teaching friends...can't wait...

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