Saturday, May 29

When You are Three...

When you are three, you are a big girl. You go to the potty and you get yourself dressed. You are strongly opinionated, and you are not afraid to let us know how you feel about things. You know the time out stair quite well, and you are quick to want to talk about it. If I leave you there for what seems like too long in your head (more than 60 or so seconds), you always dare to say, "Mommy, ask me if I am ready to talk to you. Ask me if I need to 'pologize." You've got the system figured out, we just need your heart to catch up a little bit.

You are our caboose and you know it. It's a good thing that I am just now coming to terms with this, otherwise I would have never let you walk...or have a cup without a lid...or sleep in a big-girl bed. You are STILL the highlight of your siblings' lives, and yes, you refer to them as "Brudder," "Sister," and collectively as "siblings." It melts my heart every single time.

When you are three, you eat everything and a lot of it. You are a solid child with a certain fondness for almond milk and ANY food on ANYone else's plate. It's how you roll. You eat spicy foods better than your siblings ever did, and you don't really complain about much. You have a particular fondness for foods that come in pink, and for those foods, taste really is insignificant. It's more the amount that matters. We love that about you!

When you are three, you have three really special friends. One is Emma. You have known her since your first days in this world, and the two of you play so well together. You love to have her come over to play, and the two of you can play together forever without complaint. You love to play kitchen and Target with Emma--Target is when you pretend to shop at Target. Jennifer and I have no idea where you two get that game from... You also have Halle. I can convince you to do anything willingly if Halle is to be present. Church nursery is finally the best place on earth come Sunday. You and Halle also play so well together--you are both on the heels of bigger siblings and it shows! I love to watch you two together because I know you will grow up loving one another. Most often you and Halle play Polly Pockets, shopping (what a trend...), or some outrageous make-believe. It is quite amazing what you girls come up with!

And then you have Mrs. Dayna. And Dayna is your best 'dult friend. Yes, that's how you refer to her. You light up when she comes over and quite frankly, at three, you would prefer to live with her. You spent the night with her once and now you refer to her guest bedroom as "my room at Mrs. Dayna's house." At church, you search her out and want to be with her all.the.time. It's a good thing she loves you, too. Dayna is ever-so-patient and with you she plays dress up, coloring, dance, Barbies...well, just about anything you ask her to do, she does. Oh and at three, you ALWAYS compliment Mrs. Dayna's clothes. It is almost too cute to witness.

When you are three, you are such a joy to us. You remind us to not be so serious when the schooling is tough. You make us laugh when we really shouldn't. You laugh when you really shouldn't. You are such a special blessing for us. When we had Mags, people warned us...just wait until your next baby. When we had Bent, people quickly warned us've had two great babies, if you have another...And then we had you. You have proved them all wrong. Your Daddy and I just happen to think it is completely possible to have three incredible kiddos. We are so happy to have you as our caboose. We love you so, so much.

Happy Third Birthday, our Ellison Ryan!! We love you!

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Dayna said...

I LOVE how she compliments my outfits every time I see her, without fail! And she is more than welcome to come live with me anytime you are willing to let her go for a night! She is a doll and I don't know anyone else I'd rather play Barbie's with!