Monday, May 17

Top 5 Things I Heard Around My House Today:

  1. The dryer beep. I hate folding and putting away laundry, but the fact that the dryer beeped MANY times is a very good thing. We will have clothes to wear tomorrow!
  2. The silence of "quiet time." 45 minutes of pure bliss in which all three kiddos read books in their beds. As summer gets started, this is a habit we definitely need to keep in place--less I lose my mind.
  3. My boys--both Bent and John--playing the wii together. John was able to come home straight after school, and they have been conquering Super Mario together ever since. It is a rare day that John plays wii, and he really does enjoy the time with Bent!
  4. Ellie's sweet voice telling me she loves me--unprovoked and 100% innocent intentions. LOVE that!
  5. Bentley reading his very first ever big chapter book all by himself. He still reads aloud most of the time, even when he intends to read to himself. He made it through the first chapter and part of the second chapter.

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