Sunday, May 23

A Season of Growth.

On Thursday of this week it is my birthday, and I must admit I am finally dreading it a little bit. Why? I finally feel old. Not old in "elderly," just older. As in not younger. No longer a parent of babies. No longer a young married. Just older.

I am reading a book by Steve Brown called A Scandalous Freedom. I have wanted to read it for a while now, but I haven't wanted to order it online and pay shipping to get it...and you just can't buy this stuff at your local bookstore (that is unless you are at Perimeter and shop their store...which I miss GREATLY). But alas, I have borrowed it from a friend, and it is as great a read as I thought it would be. I am already half done, and I just started. Seriously. Steve Brown has a very distinctive voice and style, and it is almost as if I can hear him talk the words as I am reading. If you are interested in him at all, you can read or listen to him at Key Life. I warn you though if you venture over and check him out, you either love him or you don't. I fall in the love him category. During our last years at Perimeter, Steve Brown was a guest pastor on numerous occasions. I can still remember the gist of most of those sermons. I will probably remember this book long after I finish it...tomorrow.

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